Discreet Marketing Service

Our discreet marketing service has become very popular and is an excellent way of getting a feel for what buyers may be willing to pay and the level of interest you may receive without entering into lengthy contracts or paying any upfront marketing costs that you may get with other country homes agents. It is often referred to as a litmus test and does not hold you to having to go through with any interest we may have. However, we find that by offering this service many homeowners once confident that they can sell at the level they wish will instruct us to search for their perfect property to move to, which can all be done with the utmost discretion. Often you can receive a stronger if not full asking price offer from a buyer that is trying to encourage you to make the move rather than if a buyer sees you have been sat on the open market.

Due to our unique no charge country home sourcing service, this means we have many buyers who do not look online or in the press and leave it with us to find them their dream home this works hand in hand with our discreet marketing service and allows people to buy and sell with discretion. Get in touch with Country and Equestrian today!